HiStore and HiStore LIte are floor-to-ceiling office storage systems that utilse the full height of a room.


HiStore is offered in two variants: original HiStore and HiStore Lite. Both enable you to utilise the full height of your office for storage, but with differing degrees of sophistication and flexibility. Both available in all veneer and MFC finishes, including 3D MFC, and Designer Finishes. 


HiStore uses any combination of standard components customised to fit exactly into whatever space is available. Timber and glass doors, drawers and lockers create custom built-in storage configurations: for example, an end wall in a conference room combining storage with a central recess for a display screen. HiStore is installed by specialised fitters with joinery skills who scribe end panels around features such as skirting boards or cable trunking, creating fully fitted furniture. Because of the customisation of every HiStore installation, each must be priced individually following a site survey.


HiStore Lite is 520mm deep and offered with single and double doors, and can be installed by appropriately trained furniture fitters. HiStore Lite units are offered in 25mm height increments (with adjustment for a precise fit), so may be specified from a standard price list. Options include seating modules and integral lockers.


HiStore may be fixed against an existing wall, or used freestanding to create a partition. HiStore partition walls may comprise storage back to back (double thickness) or feature some modules opening to one side and some to the other side (single thickness). HiStore Lite, by comparison, is designed to be stand against an existing wall. HiStore Lite is a cost-effective solution for the majority of floor-to-ceiling office storage requirements. HiStore offers greater flexibility and a more fully-fitted appearance.


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