You can download all of our brochures in PDF format. Our Portfolio brochure provides an overview of all our ranges and may help you identify those you would like to explore in more detail.

HiRise2 Brochure
HiRise2 Brochure
(2.11MB PDF)
Table Overview Brochure
(PDF 8.7MB)
ScreenD Brochure
(PDF 1.5MB)
Wind Brochure
(PDF 1.3MB)
Happy Rocker Brochure
(PDF 750KB)
HiBox Brochure
(PDF 650KB)
HiStore Lite Brochure
(PDF 650KB)
Smith Brochure
(PDF 860KB)
Seating - Working, Meeting and Café Chairs Brochure (PDF 2MB)
Seating - Reception and Breakout Brochure (PDF 2MB)
Ligni Brochure
(PDF 1.03MB)
Lofa Sofa Brochure
(PDF 840KB)
HiTable Brochure
(1.2MB PDF)
Portfolio Brochure
(PDF 6.3MB)
Ambus Brochure
(PDF 4.8MB)
Fulcrum Brochure
(PDF 5.2MB)
X-Range Brochure
X-Range Brochure
(7.4MB PDF)
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